Benito Juarex Airport

Benito Juarex Airport

The famous Benito airport serving the city of Mexico, the airport is modern and very efficient. There are two terminals linked by a monorail that at times can be used by passengers who have tickets, a boarding pass or an e-ticket reference number. At times others need to take a bus or a taxi since it is too far to walk; there are special red buses that take you from terminal 1 to terminal 2 for just five pesos.

Terminals in the airport

Benito Juarex Airport Terminal 2

The newer terminal 2 is usually used by aeromexico and mostly it partners in the sky team alliance. The famous terminal 1 has sections for both the international and domestic flights. The international visitors are always given arrivals card and a customs form once in the terminal. The terminal has two separate area one for the arrival for North America, Europe and Middle East and the other part for arrivals from the carribe3an and Latin America.

Safety tips around the airport

The famous airport has the usual facilities which include left luggage lockers. In case you are heading to Mexico City itself the most recommended and safest way is to take an authorized taxi. At both terminals you will usually see signs pointing to the desks where you can also prepay your fare to zone. The authorized Mexico airport taxi companies are the yellow curb aeropuerto, the nueva imagen and the Porto taxi. At times the people from the booth will at times.

Trains at terminal 1


There is usually a subway at terminal 1.From the terminal 2’s international arrival to terminal 1 just go one floor and take the free airport train. The Train Will Get You to Your Destination Very Fast As Opposed To A Taxi. There are cards that you can use to pay for the train and taxi services and you are always advised to purchase it.

Why you should visit the airport

The Benito Juarex Airport accommodates both international and domestic flight into and out of the city. Apart form the normal air transport system there are also plenty of other transportation network that you will definitely enjoy.


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